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Spring 2

Week 7

W.B 11.4.22

This week in RHE ( Relationship &Health Education , we were learning about friendships. We looked at what we can do to when we have hurt each other. We looked at a story about a character called Freddie Teddy who would not share his picnic food until another character in the story explained how that hurt other people’s feelings. Freddie  Teddy apologised and asked for forgiveness. We had a picnic where we shared the picnic food.


We also enjoyed making Easter cards and other Easter themed items.We have had such a busy term and we are looking forward to spending time with our family and friends over Easter.

Teddy Bear Picnic

Week 6

W.B 4.4.22

This week in R.E, we were learning about Palm Sunday. We also took part in Easter themed activities.

Week 5

W.B 28.4.22

This week in Science we were naming plants and flowers. In ICT, we were looking at Pictograms and in Geography, we were learning about continents.

Week 4

W.B 21.3.22

This week in Science we were learning about Plants. We went on the big field and were able to identify some plants and name the different parts of the plants.

Week 3

W.B 14.3.22

This week in ICT,  we were learning about Pictograms. We created a pictogram of the mode of transports used by class 1 to get to school.

ICT: Pictograms

Week 2

W.B 7.3.21

This week in R.E, we were learning about ‘The Last Supper’.We re-enacted  parts of what happened during the meal.


The Last Supper

Week 1

W.B 28.2.22

We had a  busy and fun packed first week back.

We marked the beginning of the Lent season by making Pancakes In Shrove Tuesday. 

On Ash Wednesday,  said special prayer she for the people who are affected by the war in Ukraine. We planted se do and made special Prayer Cards.  

We finished the week by dressing up as our favourite book characters to celebrate World Book Day. We spent the day exploring books. We read a range of books that children had brought to school to share and also looked at some of our ‘Core Story’  books.We also made book marks and took part in a range of World Book Day themed activities. We really enjoyed talking about our favourite books and sharing why we loved the particular books we had chosen.





Shrove Tuesday

Special Prayer for Ukraine

World Book Day 📚