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Spring Term 1

Week 6


In our final week at school we had a world cultures day. We learned all about Mexico. We looked at facts about the country itself as well as los dias de los muertes parades that are celebrated every November. We designed our own masks and begun the process of paper macheing our own masks. We also looked at the history of the luchador in Mexico and create our own lucha libre character and mask.

Week 5


We were very lucky to have our parents join us for our Art lesson this week. We were looking at negative images ad negative perspectives in our still life. We had an amazing time colouring in our whole sheets with our pencil and then creating our picture using a rubber to give the negative perspective. We want to thank our parents for coming and helping us out.

Week 4


Continuing our still life art project we moved onto another medium. We looked at drawing with Charcoal. We focused on the shadows our images were creating and used techniques like smudging the charcoal when it was on the paper to create a shadow effect.

Week 3


This week we all became still life artists. We choose 5 items from home that have a meaning for us to use as our still life model. The classroom was not big enough to hold our artistic creativity. We were so engaged in our still life pieces we did not even notice our pictures being taken.

Week 2


This week we had a fantastic treat. Thanks to the fabulous crew at Prime VR we were transported to the world of the Mayans. We visited some Mayan temples and explored what these temples were used for.



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Week 1


We had a fantastic first week back at school. On Friday we had  a Science day looking at all things to do with light. Below you can see us completing an experiment looking at how light travels through water and what causes refraction.

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