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Autumn 1

W/B: 18/10/21


Week 8

Our Great Fire of London Artwork

This week, Class 2 started creating the components needed to make a piece of artwork on The Great Fire of London


We drew our own outline of the buildings in London in 1666, carefully thinking about their shape, and then cut around these shapes to leave the silhouette of London on black card. 


Then, it was time for the exciting task of creating the great flames from the fire using a tray of water, marbling inks, a straw to stir and white card to catch the colours. 


Class 2 have really enjoyed creating our artwork so far.

We can't wait to put the components together and see the finished product!


Make sure to check back to see our progress soon.

Using Marbling Inks to create The Great Fire of London

W/B: 11.10.21


Week 7


This week, Class 2 have continued to focus on The Great Fire of London in our afternoon history sessions. 


On Tuesday afternoon, we worked as a team to order the events of the Great Fire of London from Sunday morning when the fire began in Thomas Farriner's Bakery to Thursday when the fire eventually was under control and put out. 


Well done Class 2 on working as a team to order the events and on your independent History work where you have shown so much subject knowledge! 

A Timeline of the Great Fire of London

W/B: 04.10.21


Week 6


This Tuesday afternoon, we continued to look at Forces in our Science lesson. We completed a simple test and used our observational skills to answer questions after our experiment. 


We looked at different objects with wheels including bikes, scooters and tyres.


We asked:

What are you doing to make it move?

How do you change direction?

How can you make it travel faster?

How can you make the object slow down?


Class 2 really enjoyed our Science lesson this week.

Well done on all your hard work scientists! 



W/B: 27.09.21


Week 5


This week, Class 2 looked at the front cover of our new text Toby and the Great Fire of London but they were only given the image from the cover. We made predictions on what the title of the text could be.


We have since started our text and answered the VIPERS reading questions on the beginning of our story. 


In our history session, we learnt about The Great Plague; how it spread around London, what the symptoms were and how the rich and poor responded to the disaster in London. 


Well done on a fantastic week of learning Class 2 Historians yes

W/B: 20.09.21


Week 4


This week, Class 2 moved on from the traditional tale of The Three Little Pigs in our Reading and Literacy sessions and explored a new text, The Three Little Wolves, which has a twist on the traditional story. 


The children explored new vocabulary from our text before we read it and then, we recalled the narrative in group dramas. 


Class 2 produced some great dramas and showed excellent knowledge of the story. 

Well done to all of the wonderful actors and actresses in Class 2!

The Three Little Wolves Drama Session

W/B: 13.09.21


Week 3


This week, we have continued learning Fundamental Skills in PE with Mr Johnson, Mr Ruddlesden and Miss Garratt. We have worked on travelling in a variety of ways in a controlled manner and balancing. 


We also began Team Building in our second PE session and we worked in teams to complete a variety of practical tasks, cheering each other on whilst we completed them!


Well done on your fantastic learning this week Class 2 smiley


Miss Garratt

W/B: 06.09.21


Week 2


This week, Class 2 started our learning with a music session on Monday.


We listened, appraised, warmed up, and then, learnt and performed the 'Friendship Song' from our Charanga music scheme. 


Class 2 had great fun discussing the song and it's meaning, identifying instruments we heard and then, completing a variety of fun warm-ups. 


We moved to the beat, learnt the lyrics and sang beautifully as a class. 

Well done on working very hard for our first full week of school!

Miss Garratt smiley

02.09.21 - 03.09.21


Week 1


Class 2 came back to school this week with smiles on their faces, ready to see their friends and complete some great learning together.


This week, we learnt what a fixed mindset and a growth mindset are... 


A person with a fixed mindset thinks they are born a certain way and can't change. They might say: I can't do it!


A person with a growth mindset thinks through hard work and practice they can get better at anything!

They might say: I can't do it YET!


We compared these mindsets and thought about different things we may say if we possessed a fixed mindset or growth mindset. 


We decided we are going to try to develop our own growth mindset in Class 2.


Well done on making a wonderful start to our new class everyone!

Miss Garratt yes

One family, growing together in love and faith, flourishing in an ever-changing world. We love, we believe, we shine, we achieve.