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Spring Term 2

From 22.2.20 our topic and class books will be...

Week 3

In PE the children enjoyed developing their hockey skills with Mr Johnson. They developed their control over the hockey stick and used this to direct the ball with increasing accuracy. They used these skills to play a small team game at the end! They had lots of fun!


In PHSE the children started our rights and responsibilities topic which will link to our topic big question, "Do we have the right to go anywhere?" The children have been thinking about what their rights are and what their responsibilities are in life.


Mathematical skills have developed this week by children furthering their knowledge and understanding of division and how this links to multiplication and fractions. The children have been solving problems, dividing by 2, 4 and 8. Well done Class 3! You haven't given up even when the problems were very challenging. 

Week 2

The children have started reading the Winter's Child as part of our Literacy topic. They have been exploring fantasy stories and finding the features so that they can develop their skills and create a sequel to the story. They have been identifying nouns and prepositions in the story and using them to retell parts of the story.


In Maths the children have been counting in multiples of 2,4 and 8 and looking at the relationship between them. They were suprised to find the four times table is simply double the 2 times table and the eight times table was double the 4 times table. This knowledge has given them another method to work out multiplication problems including arrays and number lines. They also used this skill to help with division too counting up to a particular number in the problem in multiples to get the answer.


In RE we looked at the importance of self-giving especially during Lent. We were all amazing at our quick quizzes answering questions on Lent. We then devised our own Lenten promises on a cross. We thought carefully about how we could give to others, be closer to God, and be better members of our community.

We thoroughly enjoyed the visit from 4Front Theatre who told us the fisherman's tale story! We hope that they can come back soon and tell us another amazing story. 


World Book day was FANTASTIC! The children enjoyed having the opportunity to dress up as their favourite characters and talk about their favourite books. They designed inspiration reading posters to display in our library to encourage others to read more. They then had fun designing their own world book day themed board games testing children's knowledge of books and authors! Some of their questions were very tricky to answer , I was very impressed with the amount of thought that went in these. The day was broken up with our Charlie and the Chocolate themed lunch which the children loved. The tables were decorated, golden tickets were handed out to lucky winners and the soundtrack was played in the back ground! We can't wait for next year all ready!


We started our new topic Misty Mountain Sierra this week. The children had fun learning what a mountain is and had a challenge to find the famous mountain ranges around the world such as the Rockies, Alps, Himalayas and Andes. I was very impressed with their atlas skills.

Week 1

Welcome back everyone! I hope you've had a lovely holiday with your family.

This week the children have been settling back in to school routine. We have been finishing our topic Scrumdidlyuptious and preparing for our Class assembly. 


We went to church for our Ash Wednesday service where the children joined in with hymns and prayers. We thought about how we would be during Lent to remember Jesus' ultimate sacrifice. 


We finished our week showcasing our amazing topic work! We hope that you all enjoyed our assembly! 


I am so proud of how hard the children have worked this half term. Their knowledge and skills have improved GREATLY in all areas of the curriculum. Well done Class 3!

One family, growing together in love and faith, flourishing in an ever-changing world. We love, we believe, we shine, we achieve.