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Spring Term 1

Week 6


In our final week of this half term, we've been busy finishing off our narrative writing in Literacy. In maths, we've started our next unit which is all about percentages! Feel free to quiz us on what we know about finding 50%, 25% and 10% of a number! We bet you'll be impressed.


We finished off our history unit this week, comparing everything we've learnt about the Maya civilisation with the Egyptian one that we learnt about in Autumn.


Have a wonderful half term everyone!


Week 5


Our history work this week has focused on learning about rulers of the Maya period. We had to decide who we thought had had the greatest impact on their society and rank them!


Our art unit this half term has been linked to still life drawing. This week, we created our still life art using paints. We used tints and shades to create shadow and light areas in our artwork.


In music, we've been busy perfecting our instrumental parts to our song using glockenspiels!

Week 4


Our next writing unit is a narrative one, so we've been busy inventing our own character for our class book. We've also had to explore and analyse how the author of our book, Darren Shan, writes so that we can sound like him when we write too!


In maths, we've moved on to multiplying and dividing with fractions. It sounds complicated but we've been mastering it!

Week 3


This week, we've been finishing off our instruction writing linked to our class book 'Cirque Du Freak'. We've worked hard to edit them to include lots of Year 6 grammar skills.


In maths, we've focused on decimals and have been working on converting between fractions and decimals. 


Our history work this week has focused on what daily life would have been like in the Maya period. Groups worked together to present about their topic so the rest of the class could learn from them.

Week 2


This week, we finished off our science unit all about light! We explored reflections and the angles that light reflects at. We also looked at refraction, using water to show its effects!


In history, we dup deeper into our Maya topic, learning about their settlements! We discovered how their city states and main living areas were structured.



Week 1


We've had a great start to 2023 in Class 5! Our new history unit is all about the Ancient Maya civilisation and we started learning about when and where they lived. We also investigated some images of Maya artwork, monuments and inventions and tried to use our historical knowledge to figure out what they were.


In maths, we've been multiplying with fractions and have been really confident with this skill! We've also started our new class book, Cirque Du Freak, and we're hooked already!

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