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Autumn Term 2

Concert Practice

Concert Practice

Week 7


What a busy week this week, children have practiced and performed their Christmas concert 'It's a Boy', watched the KS1 nativity story, made Christmas cards and advent calendars as well as finishing off their scripts.  

Well done Class 4 for all your hard work this half term!

Week 6


This week Class 4 have worked really hard to develop their play scripts to create a new scene in the film 'Shrek'.  The children looked at the potion scene with the Fairy Godmother and then created a new scene to follow on from it.  I look forward to watching them act them out next week to help develop the expression and intonation when reading aloud.

Week 5


This week saw Class 4 working incredibly hard to complete all their assessments for assessment week.  We also completed key rings for the entire school to sell at the Christmas fair, along with candle holders and tree decorations.  Well done Class 4!

Week 4


This week has been an interesting week in which Class 4 have looked at equivalent fractions, using concrete objects including bar models with tiles and double sided counters.  We have also developed our throwing, hitting and control of the ball in volley ball.  Well done Class 4

Week 3


Today children came dressed as a word, character, rhyme or saying from a book in order to promote reading and book swap week.  Well done class 4, you showed brilliant imagination again!

This week we have also been working hard to understand decimals.  Children struggled putting decimals in the correct order using a standard number line, so we decided to use some base tens and huge number lines in order to accomplish the task.  We did it. Awesome work Class 4.

Week 3


Well done Class 4 who took part in a surprise Taekwondo lesson! The children responded really well, showed focus, determination and worked hard on developing technique in a short amount of time, just remember 'hello, wollop' when taking a swing.


Week 2


This week the year 5 children visited St Marie's Cathedral in Sheffield (part of the Hallam Diocese).  The children learnt lots of interesting facts about the cathedral and the different churches within it before attending Mass.  Children demonstrated a high level of sensitivity, maturity and respectfulness whilst there - well done Y5.

In the meantime Y4's learnt took part in anti bullying activities, a math's investigation and then made some science potions in the afternoon - what a busy day all round.

Awesome work Class 4!

Week 1

Thank you to all the grown ups who came to support us this afternoon in our parent session.  The children had an amazing time (as did the grown ups) mummifying teddy bears and creating their own Sarcophagus, Canopic jars, writing hieroglyphics and creating a Cartouche.  

Thanks again for your continued support.

Welcome to the Autumn 2 term, our class novel is still 'Secrets of a sun king' by Emma Carroll but we hope to include some Shakespeare stories towards the end of the term including extracts form 'Alice in Wonderland', 'Macbeth', 'Henry V' and 'Hamlet'.  Our new topic is 'Potions', please find below pictures of our newly decorated reading garden that represents our class 'potions lab'.

Autumn 2 Reading Garden

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