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Spring Term 1

Week 5: This week the Children of the Eucharist came into Class and led us in an Adoration of Jesus where we speak to Jesus not just using the eyes and ears of our body, but also our heart. We are always happy for them join us.

Week 4: Class 3 kick started this week with a trip to the York Chocolate Story where we learnt about the history of chocolate and how it was made. In the afternoon, we learnt about the Mayas and where chocolate came from, before making our own bitter chocolate drink.

Week 3: This week, our topic Scrumdiddlyumptious took a very disgusting turn as children researched weird and some times disgusting foods such as Raw Blood Soup and Deep Fried Tarantula! Children learnt about continents and countries before matching the food the the country of origin.

Week 2: Following on from last week's learning on food groups, students created their own healthy packed lunches using hand measures to weigh ingredients and get to correct balance between protein, carbohydrates, fats, diary and fruit and vegetables. They then brought their packed lunches into school! PS: they were allowed one sugary treat - it is a balanced diet after all....

Week 1: This week Class 3 have been investigating food types. They will next be creating their own 'healthy' pack lunches.

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