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Autumn Term 1

W/B: Monday 17th October 2022

Week 7

This Thursday, Class 2 used the ipads to enhance our Charanga music session by using online glockenspiels.


We started our session by listening and appraising the song The Imperial March, Darth Vader’s Theme (March of the Empire) by John Williams. Class 2 really enjoyed listening to and discussing this music. Everyone enjoyed the loud, powerful music and we discussed what instruments we could hear.


We have previously learnt the song Round and Round, singing it in a round. This week, Class 2 used online glockenspiels to follow a simple glockenspiel music sheet, playing along with our song.


Everyone really progressed in playing this untuned instrument and is looking forward to future music sessions in Class 2.


Well done on a brilliant week Class 2 and enjoy your half-term holiday!

Miss Garratt smiley

Round and Round on Online Glockenspiels

Still image for this video

W/B: Monday 10th October 2022

Week 6

Creating Family Trees in our Parent's Afternoon

This week, Class 2 invited our parents and carers into our classroom to share their family history with us and create family trees. 


Thank you to everyone that came to help Class 2. What beautiful  family trees they created and what a wonderful time they had with their families creating them!



W/B: Monday 3rd October 2022

Week 5

This week, Class 2 learnt how to use our Maths app Timestable Rockstars with the help of our Class 5 children. Thank you to Class 5 for your help and well done Class 2 on your super Maths work.


We also continued our reading with parents and carers on a Friday morning.

The children thoroughly enjoy reading with their family and siblings, thank you to everyone who attended this week!

Timestable Rockstars with Class 5

Parent Reading Morning in Class 2

W/B: Monday 26th September 2022

Week 4

This Friday, Class 2 had a very exciting experience of meeting a variety of farm animals. 


Everyone greatly enjoyed learning about ducks and their webbed feet, sheep and alpacas and their wool as well as getting the experience to be up close with a kid (young goat), tortoise, guinea pig and rabbit as well as many other animals. 


Well done Class 2 on your listening skills and excellent engagement!

Our experience with a young lamb

Still image for this video

W/B: Monday 19th September 2022

Week 3

This week, Class 2 completed an excellent Kapow Art lesson on colour mixing.


The children used different coloured paints and mixed them in order to create different shades of green. We used our shades of green to create Green Finger artwork. 


Excellent work artists!

Colour Mixing: Green Fingers Artwork

W/B: Monday 12th September 2022

Week 2

This week, we listened to Rapunzel by Bethan Woollvin and began retelling the story using drawings, actions followed by writing in our books. 


Class 2 did a fantastic job retelling part of our story and greatly enjoyed thinking of actions for the different words in the text.


Well done on your hard work this week Class 2!

Talk for Writing: Rapunzel

W/B: Monday 5th September 2022

Week 1

This week, Class 2 returned from our school's six week holiday with smiles on their faces. It was lovely to welcome everyone back and get to know each other more!


We have settled in to Class 2 further, learnt about our class and school rules and started our learning in class. 


Some children have found their work challenging as all children do when they move into the year group above, especially from Class 1 to Class 2 when there is a shift from more play-based learning to learning at our places but, we are trying to develop our growth mindsets.

It's not that we can't do it, we can't do it yet!


Class 2 put their growth mindsets to use when we had the opportunity to learn how to ride balance bikes and bikes with pedals. Everyone did a fantastic job and greatly enjoyed the experience. One particular child made us so proud, getting back on her bike every time she fell off, eventually managing to ride a bike for the first time!


Well done Class 2 on an excellent first week back at school, you should be proud of all your achievements. 

One family, growing together in love and faith, flourishing in an ever-changing world. We love, we believe, we shine, we achieve.