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Autumn 2

W/B: Monday 18th December 2023

Week 7


This week, Class 2 took part in our Key Stage 1 Nativity Whoops-a-daisy Angel along with Class 1. The children beautifully told a modern version of the nativity story through song, acting and makaton actions. Fantastic work Class 2!


Have a wonderful Christmas holiday! heart

Our KS1 Nativity: Whoops-a-daisy Angel

W/B: Monday 11th December 2023

Week 6


This week, Class 2 took part in many Christmas activities including a school Advent Liturgy, Christmas Dinner, Nativity practise for our KS1 Nativity on Monday 18th December and we has a special visit from Moose the Newfoundland with his Christmas Sleigh and gifts from the PFA.


Well done Class 2 on your hard work on our nativity and your enthusiasm for school this week!

Our Christmas Visitor

W/B: Monday 4th December 2023

Week 5


This week, Class 2 created Christingles for our whole school Christingle service. We learnt about what the different parts of a Christingle represent and made them in class then, we took them to our school hall to be lit for the service. 


We, also, took part in a service blessing our Advent Wreaths and we have lit ours for the first time this week to mark the first week in Advent. 


Class 2 have continued to practise our Key Stage 1 Nativity and have done a fabulous job alongside creating Christmas crafts as part of our Enterprise Week to sell at our Christmas Fayre!


Well done on a great week Class 2!

Making Christingles

W/B: Monday 27th November 2023

Week 4


This week, Class 2 have completed some excellent learning and we have learnt the signs for our Nativity songs in Makaton with the help of Mrs Gill.


Thank you for your visit and well done to all of the children in Class 2 for your hard work in Nativity practices!

W/B: Monday 20th November 2023

Week 3

This Thursday afternoon, Class 2 invited parents and carers in to complete a D&T session making Baby Bear's chair. 


Our goal was to create a chair that was well-thought out, able to please the user (a teddy bear) and able to stand strong, supporting the weight of the user. 


Class 2 did a fantastic job creating some very stable and beautifully decorated chairs.


Thank you to all the parents and carers that came into school to help us!

W/B: Monday 13th November 2023

Week 2

This week, Class 2 completed work on Anti-Bullying work on Monday; we wore odd socks to celebrate being unique and our differences and learnt about what bullying is and what to do when it occurs... Make a noise!


This week, we celebrated and fundraised for Children in need. We have completed Bearpees every day in order to reach 1000 in total as a class and we have smashed our target!


Class 2 also took part in our school copper trail with our donations to Children in Need. 


Well done on a fantastic week Class 2 and for raising awareness!

Children in Need; Class 2's Copper Trail and Bearpees

Anti-bullying: Odd Socks Day

W/B: Monday 6th November 2023

Week 1

This Thursday, Class 2 completed our first session of Gymnastics in the school hall on our mats. 

We worked on moving in different ways, creating shapes with our bodies including tuck, pike and straddle, then we created sequences from the shapes we had practised. 


Well done Class 2 Gymnasts on a great first week back at school!

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